Sports Massage

Your Sports Therapist understands that even those athletes at an amateur level can even suffer injuries from prolonged training, or even feel stiff and sore from a big game or race!

To prevent this, having a sports massage on a regular basis can help prevent injury, no matter what level you compete at, and can also improve your performance!

Some of the benefits of having a sports massage include:

  • Relieving muscle tension through continued or excess training
  • Aids the dispertion of lactic acid from muscles
  • Aids the break down of scar tissue to keep muscles flexible
  • Increases muscle flexibility in order to prevent injury
  • Helps prevent muscle soreness the day after training, or a race
  • If the massage is performed before activity, this can help add to your warm-up and cool down regime

At Your Sports Therapist we offer 30 minute and full hour massages to help keep you performing to your full potential. We also offer a Home Visit service for customers that live within Cheshire and Manchester. On top of this, Your Sports Therapist can provide event support by being at the finish line for all your competitors to offer them a much needed 10 minute massage.