What is the difference between a Sports Therapist and a Physiotherapist?

Sports Therapy is a relatively new profession within healthcare. However, a Sports Therapist has studied and specialised in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries throughout their degree, whilst also having massage and first aid skills which can be used within a sports setting.

Whereas a physiotherapist has covered a broad range of aspects of healthcare such as: peadiatrics, respiratory care, cardiac patients and musculoskeletal injuries. Upon graduation, physiotherapists tend to specialise in one of these areas of healthcare and then gain their sports specific skills from professional development courses.

What are your qualifications?

Chris has completed a three year degree in Sports Therapy at UCLAN, Preston. This course has been accredited by The Society of Sports Therapists; a leading governing body for Sports Therapists within the U.K. Chris is also full insured member of the society, and therefore competent in dealing with a wide range of injuries safely and within his scope of practice.

What should I bring with me to an appointment?

We request that if your injury is related to the lower limbs, that you come wearing shorts, and to also bring any footwear in relation to your sport/injury as this may be useful in identifying your problem. If the problem relates to the spine or the upper extremities, it is requested that males come wearing a loose fitting t-shirt, and females come wearing a sports bra under their t-shirt as your therapist may require you to remove certain items of clothing to gain a better perspective of your problem.

What Should I expect to happen during an assessment/treatment session?

First of all, your therapist will start by asking you a few questions in relation to your injury, sport, as well as some general health questions. Then, your therapist will performance your assessment by assessing your movement, flexibility, strength and performing some special tests if necessary to help identify your problem.

Your therapist may require you to perform some movements which may cause you discomfort, but should not elicit any large amount of pain. Your therapist will also talk you through the assessment and what they think your problem could be. This is to help you understand your problem too. Finally, any treatments/rehabilitation will be discussed with you prior to your therapist continuing with the session.

What if you cannot deal with my injury?

Sometimes at Your Sports Therapist, your injury may require surgery, or your therapist may require a specialist opinion to rule out any underlying health problems. In which case, at YourSportsTherapist we will make sure that you are referred on to the approriate medical personnel.

Do you offer a home visits service?

Yes, at Your Sports Therapist there is a home visits service available for customers to use if they would prefer to be treated in the comfort of their own home. If you would like to arrange an appointment and to discuss our prices, feel free to contact us.

Can I pay by credit/debit card?

Yes you can!