Personal Musculoskeletal Profiling

At Your Sports Therapist, Personal Musculoskeletal Profiling is a unique service for the individual who is serious about improving their personal performance.

By being put through tests which are specific to your sport and/or position. You will be given a profile of your physical measurements and physical fitness.

From this, your therapist Chris can advise you on which areas need improvement, in order to increase your performance and produce a simple training plan for you to take away. Also, you can opt to have personal training sessions with your therapist which will be tailored to your specific needs.

The benefits of Musculoskeletal Profiling are:

  • Discovering how fit you actually are!
  • Finding where your main fitness strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Your therapist can provide the extra piece of motivation through personal training sessions
  • Milestone testing for you to see how well you are progressing with your training
  • Profiling can also act as a injury prevention screening tool to help identify where you may be at risk of injury!